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Monday, January 9, 2012

WOOF: Media Monday: Remember When?

Remember when your grandmother wore these shoes? Not too different than the granny shoes we wore in one of the previous "ugly clothes" decades.
How about the days when $2.98 could buy a fantastic suit?
What about some old-timey Spanks for $.99!! I could go for that!
If you're not in to clothes, just imagine buying a refridgerater for $11.95! Okay, so this isn't exactly our modern day side-by-side, but cutting edge, in its day.

WOOF question(s) of the week.

How the Sam Hill did things get so disproportionately expensive?? and...

Would you like to go back in time when you could own a pair of shoes called "Goodyear Welts" for $1.98? Imagine the traction you'd have trying to pull on one of those miserable girdles!

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BECKY said...

What a hoot! LOVE those shoes. Yes, my grandma wore black ones that I always referred to as "Nun shoes!"

Mary Cunningham said...

My great aunt, Sally had the black ones, Becky. She had 2 pair, one for every day and one for Sunday. Maybe her Sunday pair were the Nun shoes! LOL.

Thanks for stopping by!

Eileen Williams said...

A few weeks ago, I actually saw a pair of shoes almost the exact duplicate of the Nun shoes you're referring to. Making things even more amazing--they were placed front and center in the display case of a rather upscale shop.

People do say if you hold onto things long enough, the style will come back. But, no matter how pious you are, Nun shoes make for a downright unholy sight!

Mary Cunningham said...

I agree completely, Eileen!!

Linda Cassidy Lewis said...

These old ads are a crack up. Gee, I can't imagine those "mesh" girdles were all that cool.

Mary Cunningham said...

I'm old enough to remember girdles, but the early 1900s version looks like torture!

Agree with you, Linda!