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Monday, May 23, 2011

WOOF Media Monday: From Fat To Fit - Carole Carson

When I first saw mention of Carole Carson’s story, it spoke directly to my heart, or was that my stomach? Whichever, I knew this was a book I had to read. Would I get great tips on finally losing that 10 pounds I’ve tried to shed for about 20 years? Would Carson’s story inspire me to get more exercise?

Right on both counts! From Fat To Fit (Turn yourself into a weapon of MASS REDUCTION) is an easy to follow guide for losing those unwanted post-menopawsal pounds. The first part of the book follows Carson through 16 weeks to discovering better eating habits and learning to exercise. From an overweight, not-so-healthy 50+ woman, we learn her method for losing 40 pounds, just in time for her 60th birthday!

She describes herself as a reluctant journalist when the publisher of her hometown paper asks if she will chronicle her journey. I cringe with the author as she deals with seeing her picture splashed on the front page of the newspaper – complete with tape measure revealing an expanded waistline.

But, humiliation soon turns to support when friends and new acquaintances cheer her bravery and her determination to lose weight.

The rest of the book deals with overcoming obstacles such as injury, and learning to balance her new regimen of finding time to exercise and continuing to eat healthy.

I highly recommend this book to all WOOFers!

From Fat To Fit Website:
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Carole Carson said...

What a wonderful review of my book! Can you imagine what delight I take in knowing that my initially embarrassing experience in getting fit can serve as an example and encourage other women?

For years, I suffered and struggled as I tried to lose weight alone. Having broken through my personal barriers by teaming up with others, I'm eager to enlarge our community (if you'll excuse the unintentional pun).

Carole Carson, Author

Mary Cunningham said...


I was so impressed with the honest descriptions of your weight-loss battle.

I can SO relate to your experience. This book spoke to me in ways no other story of weight-loss has. Kudos to you (and Fat To Fit!)