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Friday, July 2, 2010

"Puppy" Rescued from Slot Canyon

If there’s a doggy heaven, this had to be it: a black pup lying with his head on his favorite human’s lap, looking blissful as he’s petted and cuddled. But, his fate looked bleak just a few days ago.

The rescue of "Puppy," an 8-month-old dog from a deep canyon is nothing short of a miracle.

Zak Anderegg, who enjoys repelling, enjoying his last week of vacation, was doing what he loves when he spotted somthing at the bottom of the deep canyon. After realizing it was a starving dog, his heart broke. He immediately went to get food and water for the dog. Then, on to getting the pup rescued.

After being turned down by the local fire department, he knew it was going to be on his shoulders to save the dog.

He borrowed a pet carrier from a local vet and went about getting Puppy back to safety; no easy task even to the most experienced climber.

Their looking for someone to adopt Puppy, but my guess is that this sweet little dog is already "home." To see the entire story, watch the video below.

Dog Canyon Rescue YouTube


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1 comment:

Eileen Williams said...

What a lovely story of how kindness and compassion can literally save lives. As we think on this holiday weekend of the good fortune we have of being born in this country, it's also a good idea to consider ways we might give back. Your post is a great reminder of how our actions can make a huge difference.

And, besides that, the puppy is pretty darn cute!