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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOOF - 50 Women Over 50: Sandra Boynton

She claims Philadelphia’s where she grew up, if indeed she ever really did.

And aren’t we glad she probably didn’t. Grow up, that is.

Since 1975, a couple years after she first began designing cards which she sweet-talked her uncle into printing, Sandra Boynton has delighted millions with simple greetings that speak volumes. (Bet more than a few of you remember opening an envelope with cake-icing-coated fingers and smiling to “Hippo Birdie Two Ewes.”)

So why, you ask, does a woman who “plays” with pictures and simple ideas deserve the coveted WOOFer Wednesday Award?!?!

Because she’s been true to herself for half a century. Yep. She dared to drop out of Berkeley and Yale, of all things! And instead of taking the road more traveled, she went with a career that felt right for her. And she's even said it never occurred to her that she might fail. On her website she writes:

“I choose the projects I do and products I design somewhat at whim, and only if there’s a company that looks interesting to work with. I only 'license' what I can develop and design myself, rather than letting companies adapt my characters according to their own sense and sensibility. I have no agent, no business manager, no contracts attorney. This is a rather haphazard way to do things, but it’s more fun than an actual plan. Since I’m not sufficiently committed to Optimizing Market Potential, I seem to be a bewilderment and, one hopes, a minor annoyance to many.”

Oh, Ms Boynton, we can’t imagine you’d ever annoy anyone with your happy, humble humor. Ewe Quack Us Up!

Photo: Jamie McEwan


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Anonymous said...

I love this woman! Not only is she clever and lively, but she doesn't allow a marketer to stick her name on everything in the name of quick money!! You Rock, Sandra!!

Diana Black said...

Oh, gypsywriter, you so get why we love Ms Boynton! Thanks for your comment.