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Monday, September 8, 2008

Should I Apologize?

Walking on a nature path near my home this morning, I spot a "senior" gentleman pushing a baby stroller and slowly moving toward me.

But, what got my attention was the cutest Basset Hound puppy on a leash trotting alongside the stroller. It was love at first sight! Especially since I once had a Basset named Wilbur.

The man introduced me to Daisy and she obligingly rolled over on her back so I could rub her warm puppy tummy. The gentleman and I talked for about 10 minutes about how he'd lost his 19-year-old beagle in April and still wasn't over it (evidenced by the tears in his eyes). I chimed in about our 16-year-old mix, Molly and how we were struggling with the "inevitable."

We exchanged good-byes and continued on separate paths. I still had a smile on my face thinking of Daisy when I stopped and realized in horror that I not only hadn't asked about his grandchild sitting quietly in the stroller, I didn't even know if it was a boy or girl!!

What kind of grandparent am I?? The woofie-loving kind, I guess.

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Mary Cunningham (Milkbone)


Wolfgang said...

There's always next time. Grandpa is probably thrilled that you didn't bark at him!

Mary Cunningham said...

Good point, Wolfgang! Still, I feel a little embarrassed about ignoring his grandchild. Sure would love to see Daisy again. :-}

Thanks for stopping by.

Chris V. said...

Awww, the pic wins it every time!

Wolfgang said...

Mary, I guess you haven't run into Daisy again ... or the grandkid. Too bad! And Chris, you are right, the pic is a winner!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Chris. Daisy was just that cute!! Now, can I get off the hook about the grandchild??

No, Wolfgang. I haven't seen Daisy again...or the grandchild. If I see them again, I'll be sure to ooh and aah over the baby and then rub Daisy's tummy.